Anonymous asked: "Do u know where taylor swift is there has been no photos if her lately"

Last I knew, she was in Rhode Island! She goes back and forth all the time though so who knows where she is now, haha. 

Anonymous asked: "You can find the address on their website. It's called modelfit"


Anonymous asked: "Do u know taylor swifts gym address"

I wish!

Anonymous asked: "Can people in Australia enter the swiftstakes??"

For the meet & greets? I’m not sure, the official rules aren’t out so it doesn’t specify. I doubt it though, I’m sure it’d only be for US/Canada, since that’s most likely where the tour (and meet & greets) would be.

New bio on

New bio on

a-part-of-the-minority asked: "I am on the taylor swift site and am trying to prebuy the album and when I click the link it says that target doesnt have the product? Do you know ho to pre order it? thanks"

I don’t think Target has listed it yet. An email that BMLG sent out said to check back periodically if the preordering isn’t available :)

Anonymous asked: "do you know if the link for preordering 1989 in canada is down? bc i click the link and preordering 1989 is nowhere to be in sight"

I’m not sure! Canada fans, do any of you know?

Anonymous asked: "Do you know if we'll still get the code for the swiftstakes if we buy the album on itunes?"

I’m not sure! I’m trying to figure that out - I would assume so. :)


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